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"Genesis of a Jingle!"

Gimme The Mike!

Music director
Gimme The Mike Houston Lexington, KY / Columbus, OH...
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Calvin Todd (small)
Music and SFX for brand new film!

"We strive for perfection...excellence will be tolerated!"*

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We are a full service commercial music production facility located in southwest Houston that's deliciously involved in all aspects of highly technical, yet very creative, "music construction" in a warm, comfortable and friendly studio atmosphere.

Whether it's a songwriter demo, digital editing, a master recording session, or a fully produced piece of great advertising music, we draw from quite a lot of experience in many different styles and from quite a list of exceptionally talented musicians and vocalists to insure that your project is built and then subsequently performed to very high standards.

All In The Box

Based around both a Pro Tools compatible 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Macintosh / Digital Performer 7.02 setup and Pro Tools 7.3 with a MOTU 24I/O, two MOTU 2408 analog/digital converters, an extensive set of microphones, processors, Virtual Instruments, plugins, a Yamaha grand and a vintage Hammond B-3, the studio and staff are nicely equipped to handle just about any project.

Services are listed on the left, but we'd like to also inform you that we've been quite busy lately creating music tracks for many Miss America and other pageant contestants!

In addition, through our new service, "EventSongs", we are creating custom music for any special occasion... birthdays, anniversaries, life accomplishments, and more!

Get in touch with us today, and let's get started on your music! 

Click here to hear the new theme music for Lou Dobbs Radio!
(Co-composed with Mark Richardson of Eclipse Music.)

New music for Olshan TV with Nolan Ryan!
Click HERE for Video 1 (On the Couch) and HERE for Video 2 (With the Ducks)
(Windows Media Player)

* Observed on a sign while recently visiting Sound Oasis in Los Angeles
Buzz Smith Music  Houston, Texas  (281) 879-4484
Updated: March 14, 2010